Wooden gift boxes in the design of six major keywords

by:Vitalucks      2020-04-12
Nowadays society, along with the economic development of wooden gift box is more and more widely applied. Then there are wooden gift box manufacturers to tell everyone about it's six major keywords in the design of wooden gift box, everybody please take a look at. 1, safety. To ensure the safety of the goods and the consumer is the starting point of wooden gift box design. In commodity packaging design, shall, according to the properties of the products to consider the storage, transportation, sales, carrying and use safety protection measures, different articles may need different packing material, special need to pay attention to prevent bask in, moistureproof, anticorrosive, leakproof, flameproof problems, ensure that goods are in any case is in good condition. 2. Human nature. Packaging design should adapt to the commodity storage, transportation, sales and consumers to carry and open. Therefore, wooden gift boxes in commodities design to make the reasonable proportion of box type structure, rigorous structure, modeling beautiful, highlight the form of box type and the material beauty, contrast and coordination, rhythm and cadence, wooden gift box type structure to achieve the function is all ready, elegant shape, so as to adapt to the production, sale and use. Common goods wooden gift box structure are portable bag, hanging, open, open the window, closed or combinations of several forms, etc. 3. Production. Wooden gift box design in ensuring safety at the same time, should consider the design can realize fast and batch production, workers at fast and accurate processing and forming, filling and sealing and. 4. Sales promotion. Commodities packaging design is a silent advertisement and salesman. If the line of sight of commodity packaging design can attract consumers purchased and the ability to inspire, so this design is successful. 5. Environmental protection. Under the ecological environmental protection trend. People began to advocate green packaging, reasonable consumption. Not only damage people's health, do not pollute the environment of the commodities wooden gift box design can become a consumer choice. 6. Art. High artistic value of the goods are more likely to attract the attention of consumers, bring aesthetic feeling to the person, get the favour of consumers. More than six is about wooden gift boxes in the design of key words, I believe you through the above introduction is almost on wooden gift box design, if you feel interested, welcome to call or come to the company. Small make up: SQS
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