Wooden gift boxes of cutting technology

by:Vitalucks      2020-04-10
China known as the town, which will promote the development of the wooden gift box industry, on the wooden gift box processing, the location of the material used is not the same, need to use a variety of cutting method. A, vaporization cutting. Use of high energy laser beam on the wooden gift boxes, melt laser and its absorption occurs, the phenomenon such as steam ratio, fracture, so as to achieve the aim of cutting materials. Second, the oxidation of cutting. The use of inert gas, general if replaced with oxygen or other gas, wooden gift boxes under the irradiation of laser beam was lit, and the chemical reaction of oxygen violent and other sources of heat generation. Three, fault cut. Wooden gift box process for high speed and controlled by a laser beam heating cutting, called control fracture cutting. This kind of laser beam cutting process is the main content of heat brittle materials of small area, causing the area of thermal gradient and severe mechanical deformation, cracks leads to the formation of a wooden gift boxes. Send products will use different material of wooden gift box, so the cutting method used in the process are also different, common purpose is to produce a more beautiful and high quality wooden gift box. Keywords: wooden gift box
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