Wooden gift boxes production need a few steps to complete?

by:Vitalucks      2020-04-27
Hangzhou heng tai packaging products co. , LTD. , is a wooden gift box manufacturers, the production of wooden packing box and wooden gift box, material, type, type is diversiform, can customize according to customer demand for processing, then the wooden gift boxes at the time of production, how many steps can be completed? Let heng tai factory to explain. 1, plate-making, wooden gift box now pay attention to beautiful appearance, so the production version of the color also is multifarious, usually a style wooden gift boxes there are four basic color and a few color. 2, choose paper, wooden gift box package of paper are commonly done with double copper and dumb copper paper, mainly because of package paper too thick framed box blister easily, and also looks very dull appearance. 3, printing, gift box is only printing paper bag, pasting won't print, much is dyed, because the outer wooden gift box packaging, so the printing requirements process is very high, taboo color difference, ink, rotten version of these affect the shortcomings of aesthetic. 4, surface treatment, paper gift bag is usually to do surface treatment, common is too light, too dumb glue, uv, light oil, oil too dumb. 5, bei bei is important link in the printing process, bei must die cutter to do, if no beer, beer, beer constantly these will affect the subsequent processing. 6, piping, usually printed materials are framed before bei, but a gift box is mounted after beer first, one is afraid make flower bag paper, 2 it is to pay attention to the whole beautiful gift box, wooden gift box pasting are made by hand, it can reach a beautiful. 7, after is the punch punch, not punch the temperature will wipe the glue, and then to package delivery of the goods.
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