Wooden gift boxes production steps

by:Vitalucks      2020-04-08
Wooden gift boxes of gifts for family and the main expression way, take up the duty wooden gift boxes can reveal people's mind, but to make a wooden gift box is not an easy thing, in order to help you better make wooden gift boxes, today will bring you meet wooden gift boxes production steps: 1, the first by the customer and advertising company, according to the requirements of your design good packaging and printing files, and complete the wooden gift boxes of material selected at the same time. 2, printing. According to the requirements of size, the thickness of paper, printing color printing. 3 and production of die cutter and mounting hole. A good knife mould shape determines the appearance of the wooden gift box, according to customer requirements to pit paper with special machinery together. 4, print processing appearance. The treatment is mainly to beautify the surface appearance, laminating, hot stamping, oil polishing, etc. 5, molding. The use of machinery, die cutter. Make wooden gift boxes die-cutting, forming the basic style wooden gift boxes. 6, sticky box. Is the wooden gift box according to the sample or design style, the wooden gift boxes to the part of the fixed connection with glue. As the saying goes, ceremony light feeling heavy, but if a gift is not reveal the grade that we can make a myself reflect her thoughts wooden gift box, then through the above process, we can easily complete the wooden gift boxes. If you still have what not clear place, wholeheartedly for the general customers to provide perfect product packaging solutions. Small make up: SQS
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