Wooden gift boxes which should satisfy the technological requirement

by:Vitalucks      2020-04-16
Wooden gift box is a function of packaging of the extension of social needs. So it not only has the effect of packaging and part highlights the role to a certain extent, degree of exquisite wooden gift box is proportional to the and increase commodity value. Wooden gift box is often used in food, wine, medicine, daily cosmetics industry, etc. With the improvement of production levels, industry is becoming more and more strict with wooden gift box. So wooden gift boxes in which technical requirements to meet production? Below small make up to introduce. 1. The size of the wooden gift box should comply with the relevant specifications, the deviation should be within the scope of the permit; 2. Need wooden gift boxes of pit paper examination qualified; 3. Wooden gift box gluing place should be tight and firm, not break loose; 4. Wooden gift boxes of material, structure should be consistent with the sample or design drawings. For just finished in wooden gift boxes, we contrast technique documents and materials, in the bright indoor visual or the use of measuring tools, make it meet the technological requirements. Along with our country reform and open policy unceasingly thorough, the increasingly frequent international communication, international politics, economy, culture, sports, business, religious activities are increasing, requirements to the packing of the products is higher and higher, which extends the packaging as a supporting industry matures, showing a broad space for development and market prospects. You if you have any requirements on the wooden gift boxes can refer to the products of our website. Small make up: SQS changed in 2019. 2. 25
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