Wooden gift boxes which usually have several common packing way

by:Vitalucks      2020-03-26
Now generally can be divided into the following gift box style, simple and easy, small lovely and elegant and delicate. And common way of exquisite gift box packaging has exploded packing, hanging packing, and stacked type packing of the three. Expansion pack is one of the most common, the style is the most simple and easy. Commonly used for small gifts, and science and technology electronic products packaging. It is characterized by smooth appearance, generally with a stiff paper packaging, gift box on the surface is smooth, no extra crease and decoration. After open the packing, the gift will be directly in front, can be directly removed. This kind of packing way due to outside too abstract, general and box lined with. Hanging packing is also a common way of exquisite gift box packaging. The so-called hanging packing, as the name implies, is convenient to hang gift box up to show a way of packing. The main body of this kind of packing way is generally gift baskets, containing display of gifts. And then set out on a layer of all over the sky star, transparent paper hanging up especially beautiful. However we gift boxes in the design of structures, should consider its robustness and beauty. Finally, the stack type packaging will be introduced. Stack type packing is widely used in the exquisite gift box, commonly found in small packing assembly. For example, you buy the product is a pile of candy or some small products, you have to put them into an item, you can use stack type packaging. This kind of packing in general also comes with a handle structure such as convenient to carry. Above is the summary of exquisite gift box packaging. Common general is above three kinds of exquisite gift box packaging way. Of course, in addition to the packing way, can grace for the box and the adornment of the box. For example on gift box tied ribbons, ribbon can also make it small or other shapes. Even some high-end gift box to use more advanced materials for ornament or put the gift boxes for printing processing as a whole.
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