Wooden gift packaging not only creative, but also has the environmental protection features

by:Vitalucks      2020-03-29
Creative folding box packaging can not only make consumers are attracted to products in the past, also can put the goods to express ideas spread to people, at the same time to produce the effect of brand recognition, make the whole system structure stereoscopic and diversification, the stylist of company of Shanghai ShangYu packing, said the people at the time of buying a gift, usually identify the goods brand, this is the reason why many are buying fixed products. Consumers see the brand goods is felt very familiar, so friendly feeling arises spontaneously and identity, have this kind of feeling, make consumers to purchase products of time reduced, and the quick decision to buy is important for sales. Creative folding box packaging has its uniqueness, often can make the identity of the customer quickly, contributed to the purchase of the product. People at the time of purchase, is also very valued material, so for packaging design, packaging materials are especially important, because is also directly with the overall function of goods, can also cause the economic costs, product production and processing, waste recycling and packaging completed these issues, folding box belongs to commodity packaging products direct extension of the product, the product's life is very short, after the customer has open the packing, became rubbish is thrown away, so fold gift packaging must be eco-friendly don't pollute the environment. Now because of serious environmental pollution environmental protection packing has been the desire of common people, but the environmental protection material price is very expensive, is used by many small and medium-sized enterprises (smes) to give up, so the relevant state departments should be directed in this respect, advocating the concept of environmental protection folding box packaging. Creative folding box packaging can motivate us to buy desire, but an impulse also want to consider whether to pollute the environment, so our packing gift box design not only beautiful but also green.
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