Wooden is introduced and the characteristics of tea packaging

by:Vitalucks      2020-03-22
The development of tea packaging, from the original human development in order to protect the product easy to store and carry to the packaging art design. Now, along with the people environmental protection consciousness growing, all walks of life are stepping up research and development of all kinds of green environmental protection product. The tea packing box, tea box & other Green packaging & throughout; Is today and the future of the 21st century the tea packaging industry should be the goal of struggle. Due to the further development of China's socialist market economy and the rising of the global environmental protection calls, around environmental protection will be more competitive in the market. In terms of a variety of products, the competition is no longer alone is a traditional concept and form, namely, product quality, product value, product competition in the appearance, more important is to see if it meets the requirements of or environmentally friendly competition. In the 21st century, the international and domestic market, will be a gradually to & other; Green & throughout; The evolution of the market. In the market form, environmentally friendly products will increasingly dominate the market. This requires that the future of all kinds of products ( Including all kinds of packaging products) In & other; Green & throughout; Make an issue of the word, effort, and more developed high technology content of new products of green environmental protection, whoever does not belong to & other; Green products & throughout; In the future, I'm afraid is difficult to place in the international and domestic market.
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