Wooden jewelry box can greatly enhance the added value of products

by:Vitalucks      2020-03-07
Wooden jewelry box can greatly enhance the added value of products. Relative to say isn't how big what role for jewelry, dustproof. Corrosion protection. But it can let the light from the appearance can let a person is grade senses in heart, also can reflect product added value, for precious jewelry always, this is like a good horse needs matchs good saddle, upscale atmosphere packaging. Need to be able to meet the requirements of the objective and subjective, design and production process would not be too simple. 1. Clear make wooden jewelry box, the main purpose of make wooden jewelry box design scheme according to the purpose. Is to reflect it small accessories such as ring, earrings, ruby class, or put bracelets or necklaces, or headwear packaging function, because the jewelry box need to make different between zones, to receive different jewelry, clear main use, can give full play to receive a function of jewelry box. 2. Wooden jewelry box model after the draw, want to choose material. According to the price, can be used to make wooden jewelry box oak wood, rosewood, walnut, pear flowers and trees, fiberboard, etc. The more precious wood, wooden jewelry box the higher production costs. 3. Woodworking process. Quality high-grade wooden jewelry box, wood working process is not necessarily simple, must through measuring the moisture content, cutting, material selection, cutting Angle, cutting, assembly, sealing cover board, sand edge, it tenon, sanding, quality inspection, etc more than ten working procedure. 4. The paint process. Wooden jewelry box of the appearance of the paint process directly affects the entire jewelry box, so the paint process absolutely not careless. The main process including primer paint, primer sanding, sanding surface spray paint color, paint, stick a LOGO, paint, grinding, polishing, quality inspection. The overdue need one to two months time to complete. 5. Wooden jewelry box made after molding, also need to undertake beautification. Jewelry high hardness, easy to scratched the surface, so the inside of the box must use swan flannelette of high-end bedding, then make a thorough cleaning, the impurity and dust, sawdust, etc, and then perform product inspection, packaging, product checking again, before dispatch.
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