Wooden jewelry box in the world

by:Vitalucks      2020-03-16
About the jewelry we are not unfamiliar, even in the most old civilization, we can find those exquisite ZhuangXiuWu figure. Although they are not like planning now so delicate, always with the point of ecological natural scent, but you find yourself from them can be found that the human seek never tired of beauty. As tiffany founder Charles & middot; Louis steff mihaela, said: & other; Big natural is our best planner. ” Strange creator now will be the most perfect planning to present in front of us, and we demand is found them, touch them, make them become exquisite jewellery box in thrilling beautiful decorations. Wholesale jewelry box real make natural theme of colours, is the end of the 19th century - a new art period at the beginning of the 20th century, is known as kua good s ( 美丽年代() During this period. Closed Oriental trading start recovery in 1858, a series of Oriental element planning for the western artists have found a new creative source. Japanese businessmen brought traditional printmaking and wooden handicraft to London, let planners found out the medicine of the Victoria s programming style. So, with a European medieval art and 18 th-century rococo art modelling, and participate in the artistic style of Oriental aesthetic elements arises at the historic moment. This art style to infiltrate arts and crafts, and other categories, it attempts to break the boundaries between pure art and useful arts, touches almost all art categories: building, furniture, clothing, sculpture, painting, jewelry, and even include literature and music. But here we only talk about the impact of a new artistic style of jewelry style. This period of jewelry style, different from Victorian history before the search, but from the natural looking for ideas. In the first sense of touch the theme is the flow curve, planners found that the shape of this curve and the plants and lines, the curve of the women's long hair and body contact with wonderful. So we also see dreams of women during the period of the new art and magic of insects and plants has been a theme of creation, especially the dragonflies and butterflies were repeated use. In addition, from the middle of the 19th century in the serpentine jewelry has been entrusted with the brand-new explanation, swan, peacock, bats, flowers are popular the first element of this period. With common halo of opal, moonstone and brightly colored enamel is the period of decoration materials used by the planners.
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