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by:Vitalucks      2021-04-07
Whether a commodity in a wooden packaging box factory can have a good sales performance must be tested by the market. In the entire marketing process, packaging plays an extremely important role. It uses its own unique image language to communicate with consumers to influence consumers’ moods of the wooden box. When the consumer sees it, it is The packaged product generates interest. It can both promote success and lead to failure, and the packaging that does not show strength will sweep consumers away. With the continuous development and improvement of my country’s market economy, consumers have become increasingly mature and rational, and the market has gradually revealed the characteristics of a 'buyer's market'. This not only increases the difficulty in product marketing, but also makes packaging design encounter unprecedented The challenge of product packaging drives the consumer psychology of the masses and develops in a more scientific and higher-level direction.

Beijing Wooden Packaging Box Factory packaging has become the main behavior of market sales in actual commercial activities, and it inevitably has a close relationship with consumers' psychological activities. As a packaging designer, if you don't understand consumer psychology, you will be blinded. How to attract the attention of consumers, how to further stimulate their interest and induce them to adopt wooden box final purchase behavior, this must involve the knowledge of consumer psychology. Therefore, studying consumer psychology and changes is an important part of packaging design. Only by mastering and reasonably using the laws of consumer psychology can we effectively improve the quality of design, increase the added value of goods, and improve sales efficiency.

The wooden packaging box is the act of preparing for the shipment and sale of the product; in the United Kingdom: packaging is the artistic, scientific and technical preparation for the transportation and sale of the goods; Canada considers the packaging to be the product from the supply It is a tool that can be delivered to customers or consumers and can keep the product in good condition; my country’s definition of packaging is: the general term for the protection of the product in the circulation process, the convenience of storage and transportation, and the promotion of sales. Nowadays, people have a more complete understanding of packaging, giving it a broader meaning. From the point of view of system theory, the purpose, requirements, constituent elements, functions and actual operations of packaging are linked to form a complete packaging concept.

The particularity of Beijing wooden packaging box manufacturers determines the special significance of beverage packaging. This particularity is manifested in: On the one hand, the beverage packaging shape represents the product shape and is the visual language of the product; on the other hand, the beverage product packaging is a concentrated expression of the connotation of the beverage, that is, the description that contains the basic functions pays more attention to the spiritual and cultural significance of the beverage convey.

For beverages, because the product is an intangible liquid, the packaging of the beverage becomes an important expression medium for the wooden box at this time. Packaging design is a comprehensive system work that organically combines brand trademarks, text information, patterns, colors, shapes, materials and other elements according to different purposes. The text and pictures on the packaging must be designed to attract customers’ attention. , Only clear information and standardized content will not mislead consumers.
Currently, there are a large number of beverage products, diverse varieties, and various concepts are also emerging in endlessly.

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