Wooden packaging customization and what is the difference between ordinary packing

by:Vitalucks      2020-03-08
Wooden packaging customization has the very big difference with the ordinary packing. If a 200 g of tea packing enough outside and luxuriant, antique wooden box, exquisite small lock, high-grade green iron boxes, priced at 388. The same tea, use common packing, the price is less than 200. Gap is produced. There is a tall on the packaging, moon cake price can turn over a few times. In real life, we often judge a book by its cover, and then, when also tend to buy all kinds of products packaging is relatively tall, the price is too expensive, will feel much better than the ordinary packing, in fact, this is just imagination, open the packing, isn't bad. Gift is high-grade gift packaging, on the one hand, face, on the one hand can display their own economic level, is actually flaunt wealth. People are willing to use to decorate their own psychological wealth, promote ego. Many manufacturers also reflect with packaging manufacturer of custom custom packaging can make the product price is 30% higher than that of ordinary packing the same products, timely and price is high, sales is also very good. Even spend some money on the packaging, the interests far more shots on packaging customization, so why not? At the feast, the competition is to sales, sales of big, price is high, income is higher, the product rapidly into a high grade product industry, also can let more consumer attention to oneself.
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