Wooden packaging design, design is very important

by:Vitalucks      2020-04-25
Conception is the soul of the wooden packaging design. It is difficult to set a fixed in wooden packing box design creation design methods and design procedures such as the formula. Creation is from immature to mature, in the process, must have some or some negative, modify or supplement some, is normal phenomenon. Design is at the heart of considering performance what and how the two problems. Answer the two problems is to solve the following four points: performance, performance point of view, expression and form. Like operations, is a target, Angle is a breakthrough, gimmick is tactical, form is weapons, any one link processes is not good will all work. Wood packaging design to understand the related information as much as possible, try to compare and select, and then determine the performance. So the wood packaging designers should have rich knowledge about the life of the commodity, market place and, the accumulation of cultural knowledge. Accumulation, the more conception of heaven and earth is wide, way is, the more, the choice of the more basic. Mainly includes the choice of trademark brand, commodity itself and the consumption object from three aspects. Keywords: wooden box
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