Wooden packaging design needs to pay attention to detail size?

by:Vitalucks      2020-04-27
Wooden box generally used as the product packaging, between the inner packing and carton packaging, therefore, a user in the production of wooden packing box, you first need to determine the size of the wooden packing box, when determining size should pay attention to the following: 1, the customer provide the sample box, in order to ensure the inner diameter size or outside diameter size measure, we can through the slot notch is to measure and determine the position of the size of the sample box; 2, the size of the wooden packing box provided by the customer directly, is should be clear inner diameter size or outside diameter size. 3, according to the customer by packaging products for the customer design the packing cases and should be considered by the arrangement of the characteristic of packaging products, packaging, corrugated carton lining and buffer material factors such as restrictions on the size and equipment. Wooden packing box, under the present development and application, has become one of the main development product packaging world, the determination of its size and design elements, so it is necessary to take into account all clear. Users need to processing customized wooden packing box, need to understand clearly, some detailed product information, so when making wooden packing box won't appear any mistakes.
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