Wooden packaging printing production process points that a few steps

by:Vitalucks      2020-04-25
We all know that the wooden packing box is used for packaging products, so you have to know how is the wood packaging printing, production process and how it? Small make up by heng tai packaging of small make up to introduce one by one to you. Say simply, wooden packing box is printed on the packaging printed on decorative pattern, design or text, to make the product more attractive or more descriptive, which is more delicate and beautiful wooden box. As a result of the wooden packaging printing production process more troublesome, also be more strict, said here small make up for the wooden packing box printing production process step is how to? First the plate-making, be in commonly used on the wooden package no more than three colors, it will appear the atmosphere; Second is to choose paper, gift box package of paper are commonly done with double copper and dumb copper paper, can be more weight to choose; Then, wooden packing box is only printing paper bag, pasting will not printing, surface treatment for simple, like a light, a dumb glue, uv, light oil, dumb oil could be involved; Is beer and framed, beer is important link in the printing process, because usually prints are framed before bei, can only in the gift box is mounted after beer first, so gift box pasting are made by hand, it can reach a beautiful. Anyhow, wooden packing box at the time of printing, craft need and carefully, to avoid mistakes. Above, detailed introduces the content of the packaging printing production process points that a few steps. A friend in need, for our product can be directly contact our company advisory.
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