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by:Vitalucks      2020-04-26
With the improvement of living standards, more common gifts in our life, so different wooden gift box play a different role in the life. On its classification, there are many kinds of through material classification. The following according to the different material of different wooden packing box, made the following classification, only for your reference use when selecting a wooden box. Chalk board paper. This kind of material is more common, is a kind of low price comparison of varieties, one side is white, can be used in printing, the other side is gray, for packaging; Kind is its two side is white, can be used for printing, this kind of material powder plate paper prices more expensive. These two kinds of material of paper is common in the present gift packaging, used in packing more middle class gift. Paper is the blues. Because this material has no definite specification, so no matter how gift need packaging, packaging materials can use this material. This gift wooden packaging materials used for more general gift packaging, packaging gift belongs to a middle-class gifts in class. But its because the price is low, so popular with many gift enterprises. The third box metal box. In addition to using the paper as a general packaging materials, some gifts are not suitable for use paper material, also can choose some special materials as wood packaging material, such as head products and metal products. On the market at present, some of the food is usually used in the wooden or metal box as the main packaging materials, the use of these packaging can extend the edible period, increase the promotion gift of time. Keywords: wooden box
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