Wooden packing box and the advantages of good wine

by:Vitalucks      2020-03-07
Wooden packing box and the advantages of good wine: the first: select material. Common material on the market at present, which has two kinds of pine and paulownia. Pine features: a, pine wine box on the vision with & other Color & throughout; Deprive a person, the essence of pine and bright warm, fine grain spacing, the curve of strewn at random have send, after all the pine timber are natural growth, naturally, return to nature. Modelling is simple and easy, smooth line is full. Second, the pine box elasticity and permeability is strong, heat conduction performance is good, price is quite easy, economical and practical. Paulownia features: one, the quality of a material is lighter, mu wen coarser, out of shape not easily. Two relative pine, paulownia price is cheap. The second: pattern. Design printed in general is divided into screen printing, hot stamping, three kinds of carving. Third: color. Do you need color box according to market demand. Primary ( Solid color) Old, painting, baking, do. Fourth: outer packing. The outer packing box form of a different color. Fifth: the thickness of the box: generally divided into: 0. 6, 0. 8, 1, and 1. 2. Cm. With the increasing of red wine brand, how to choose the packaging already have been paid much attention by the industry, a beautiful red wine packaging can greatly promote sales of red wine, is conducive to wine brands better occupy the market, how to make their own wine packaging better, this is the packaging have been considering.
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