Wooden packing box - — Building in the heart of the one hundred 'box'

by:Vitalucks      2020-04-24
Brand planning and brand planning refers to the mining of consumer demand, the analysis of the competitive brand, and the study of market trends, brand positioning, planning for the customer, and visualization, the differentiation process, a clear brand spirit and image, create brand value, improve the market competitiveness of customers products. Brand planning mainly includes core positioning and brand image design, brand management, channel guide execution, etc. Packing integration design integration design business from the customer the product characteristics, in product positioning, product style based on the strategy of mining products related cultural background, combining with the psychological needs of consumers, consider implementing cost, integral for packaging design. Services include product positioning, packaging design, the structure of the process material research and development, packaging production, product display guidance, etc. Throughout the process from the product strategy to creative design, and finally finished product manufacture, the processing line as a whole. Brand media brand communication business refers to a company through advertising, public relations activities, promotional activities, pass the established customers brand image to target consumption group, eventually make the target consumption group to form brand cognition to the customer. Brand communication services including promotion, brand communication strategy, core concept set instructions executed, periodic promotions, etc. Wooden packing box to make the wooden packing box making business refers to through technology research and development personnel, with the structure research and development personnel and production personnel, by providing creative design scheme, technology research and development, cost and quality control, packaging designs will designers into packaging products, and batch production, provide the design achievements into actual products to clients. Mass production of packaging products to fully realize the goal of design work, achieve the result of design, in harmony with the finished product. Packaging production mainly relates to cosmetics, electronic products, alcohol, fast food packaging category, etc. Keywords: wooden box
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