Wooden packing box colour collocation

by:Vitalucks      2020-03-09
Wooden packing box when colour is tie-in colour collocation of the weight of the depth contrast and color contrast point face than color, the color contrast and simplified common contrast color, the color contrast, etc. , all affect the success of the whole wooden wine box packaging design. When making use of color, should pay attention to the moral of the visual effect of color and color, to don't take each other colour, not hard to undertake collocation, such as dark blue generally cannot match with dark red, brown and black, because the color gives a person a kind of dark, dirty feeling. Only the colour collocation of the harmonious and unified, conform to the consumer appetite, they can better attract consumers, make consumers' willingness to produce, reach the purpose of product sales. Wooden wine box packaging reflects the development of social and economic development level, wooden wine box packaging design is a general trend from complexity to Jane, advocate green environmental protection. A successful commodity packaging, not only can express the characteristics of the product and use, more can infect people's emotions. In the process of wooden wine box packaging design, designers must take the customer as the center, attaches great importance to the color of consumer psychological impact, multi-angle thinking, combined with the characteristics of goods, the innovation idea performance wooden wine box packaging design of color is tie-in, give customers the feeling that find everything new and fresh. Designers should consider how to attract the attention of consumers in the shortest possible time, make the consumers enjoy sensory, at the same time, also can more accurately convey the nature of the products, information, increase consumers' desire to buy, sales promotion of goods.
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