Wooden packing box is mainly used for bag packing?

by:Vitalucks      2020-04-27
Wooden packaging not only has the packaging, the purpose of the product and can also function to protect the goods in transit, and directly related to the comprehensive quality of products, especially some fragile goods packaging. Our company produces wooden packing box is often used in the inner packing, generally has the following several kinds of forms: 1) Corrugated color box and color box: divided into corrugated color box; 2) White box: can be divided into with and without corrugated box, corrugated box commonly after product packaging should be sealed with adhesive tape; 3) Normal brown corrugated box: commonly used for 3 layer corrugated box and five layer corrugated box, product packaging, typically sealed with adhesive tape (4) Display box: its sort is more, mainly have a color display box, display box with PVC lid, through the packaging can be intuitive to see products in wooden packing box; 5) Wooden gift boxes, jewelry, stationery and other products used for the packaging, sort is more. To sum up, wooden packing box can take many forms of packaging, and is mainly used in the inner packing, it can protect the product is not easy to damage.
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