Wooden packing box shape design to follow the principle

by:Vitalucks      2020-04-26
Today small make up idle, and everyone together to talk about some knowledge of the wooden packaging design. Today a simple introduction of wooden packaging design should follow some principles of! ( 1) Design combination of product characteristics, use commodity appearance elements as the aesthetic principles. ( 2) Designed to meet the market demand, to carry on the accurate market positioning, creating brand personality. ( 3) Design to & other; Light, thin, short, small & throughout; 。 To eliminate excessive packing, exaggeration and useless ( 4) Designed to draw inspiration from the nature, using simulation technique for packaging appearance of design innovation. ( 5) Design fully consider environmental and ergonomic factors. Considering practical and easy to use ( 6) Design actively use new technology, new material for modern packaging design. Increased sense of innovation, 7) Vigorously develops the series wooden box shape, systematic design. Keywords: wooden box
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