Wooden packing is most popular in the market of high-grade wooden box

by:Vitalucks      2020-03-21
High-grade wooden box is the demand for larger box in recent years, especially some unique design, the production of high-grade wooden box, refined production cost of a packaging can't more than 5% of the price of the products - normally The range of 10%, especially now that the packaging industry, high-grade wooden box is made of the cost would be more than any other paper with leather material cost is high, but the packaging cost is still in the range of control, high-grade wooden box saying why sell like hot cakes, because it's a common packing cannot match, like its grade of high-grade wooden box, view and admire a gender, and the pure natural unique features, including the collection value, and so on, with the other packing material that is completely different. , that are used up, is still not renewable value, and high-grade wooden box packaging basic may, even some pure high-end solid wood material made of high-grade wooden box will have appreciation potential, some high-grade packaging value of collection is not only a key, the real wood and some finely crafted fine! The most upscale potential is unlimited!
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