Wooden table box need how to maintain

by:Vitalucks      2020-03-16
Social widespread job is busy now, in order to better grasp the time, many people will choose in your hands with a watch, so you can better control over time. Then use daily schedule jewelry box when need to pay attention to? How to maintain? High-end jewelry box 1. Never fall touch table box, it is easy to cause imbalance closure. 2. Closed fine point as far as possible, because it is a fragile items. 3. Open also need to be gentle, if too hard, is likely to put the watch also called out. 4. Hand wet Suggestions don't contact list box, especially after washing clothes. High-end jewelry box table box maintenance: 1. When cleaning advice only use clean water. 2. Inside the box surface must be protected well. 3. Box surface once become loose, suggest to add some cotton up to ensure tight. 4. When placed at ordinary times don't in a rough place.
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