Wooden tea packing box with wood as the main raw materials processing and production

by:Vitalucks      2020-03-08
First: tea packaging wooden tea packaging wooden raw materials are processed by drying, dry rear, lumber itself more real close, water invasion of the low permeability, and it has good effect of air separation. Second: the tea packing box is a kind of wood as the main raw material processing and the tea packaging products. As a kind of daily brew tea drinks, its itself to the requirement of storage vessel is higher, its storage containers must be non-toxic, environmental protection material, it can guarantee the pure tea, for storing tea in the tea flavor and fragrance is very important. Third: the wood is relatively strong, it has good abrasion resistance, its not easy to damage in the process of storage and transportation in a long time, and there will be no paper tea packaging due to long time come unglued. Tea packaging due to is to use paint color process, the whole surface is smooth, bright, and the colour is not affected by the erosion of the rain, can keep for a long time to this is very important for the tea packaging products. For wood products fully meet for tea packaging, wood products in the tea packaging market positioning high-end in favor, the other is by its overall level is higher, packing conforms to the global trend of today's high-end of tea packaging. However it is conforms to our country for a long time on the way of buddhist thought, not seek fame, but beg have used in the world. So its in the market, must have the influence of it in the traditional culture of tea packaging market sales and popularity.
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