Wooden wine box all need good maintenance can be stored longer

by:Vitalucks      2020-03-19
How long can a maintenance, general wood agent store? Wood products maintenance dose of shelf life: 3 years; General wood maintenance agent performance characteristics: wood maintenance agent is integrated the polishing, cleaning, protection of concentrated polish and clean, can be used to add a bright color to the wood, clean, prevent the corrosion. Wood products maintenance agent are widely used in high-grade wood furniture, ceramic, enamel, stage desk cabinet, bakelite, plastic containers, metal items, ceramic tile, electrical instruments, filing cabinet, leather products, acoustics, TV cabinet, vinyl, plastic, vending machines, office appliances, and other requirements clean light items on the surface of the cleaning and maintenance, partner of Beijing york air conditioning maintenance, Beijing matsushita air-conditioner maintenance, Beijing's air conditioning maintenance; Beijing wood products manufacturers Beijing longteng sanjiang trading co. , LTD. , professional wooden wine box packaging, boxes of moon cakes packaging manufacturer design. Third, wood products and maintenance agent usage: on the surface of objects and maintenance agent, spray a little wood and polish with dry cloth. Can also maintains agent on the cloth into a little wood, wiping surfaces, reoccupy does cloth to polish; Four, use wood maintenance agent notice: to avoid touching the skin and eyes in use process, if accidentally contact, rinse immediately with plenty of water. Items do not entrance, toxic should be placed in out of the reach of children.
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