Wooden wine box commonly used wood materials and characteristics

by:Vitalucks      2020-03-20
Wooden wine box is made of what material? We're here to analysis one by one. 1. Imported Russian pine wood, also called mongolica characteristics of log color is light yellow, eyes feel is good, the feeling of wood grain is good-looking, more important is not hard wood processing, the material rate is high. Is the material of choice for wooden wine box factory, also easy to purchase, has formed the raw material supply chain. 2. Words directly call paulownia paulownia wood, industry, and some also said platane wood, including now many Japanese buyers also mistaken for paulownia as phoenix tree, there are other words & other; Planted trees attract golden phoenix & throughout; So, like paulownia, is also the Japanese furniture commonly used wood. Paulownia wood and wutong wood is different actually. Paulownia wood density of the material characteristics of the material is very light is more soft, color is plain, but more than a grey board, because its oxidation discoloration, are commonly used materials, wooden box industries on the market the most easily processed wood material at the earliest and most widely, because it is a locally, in the north is also productive high yield, low price wooden wine box is the first choice. Paulownia wood and not easy to deformation, sound insulation and other excellent characteristics of resistant to moisture. 3. Imported radiata pine is also called the New Zealand pine, no more white than paulownia wood grain place logs, wood grain is bigger, woodiness is harder than mongolica, imported wooden wine boxes commonly used wood, especially six log wood cases, than mongolica come from behind the development of the form. Good characteristics for less, the material rate is high, the defect is easy to deformation, same price with mongolica. 4. Plywood, just as its name implies is to use glue into sheet, also known as multilayer board, is relatively thin solid wood with a layer of a layer of glue stick together. Characteristics is a solid plate, low price, easy processing. Use cypress, paulownia, pine, birch and so on.
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