Wooden wine box graphics language application specific ways

by:Vitalucks      2020-03-14
Wooden wine boxes, gift packaging design of the main value lies in its meaning, to meet happiness, blessing, sweet, to be able to communicate through gifts on graphic design couple wishes and dreams of the future. So on the gift packaging design of graphic design, symbol of prosperity and happiness should be adopted for the image. For example, often used in gift packaging yuanyang, xiangyun, blue and white porcelain, etc. , draw lessons from western wedding features the use of pure and fresh and elegant champagne lily, swans and so on. Abandoned the traditional gift packaging design in recent years, the characteristics of complexity, more the pursuit of the use of concise and easy graphical language symbol dawei, smooth and happy marriage life, bring gift box packaging design for modern design style. Wooden wine boxes, gift packaging color application should be able to convey a warm, warm, the joyful mood, on the choice of the color is usually divided into two kinds: one is the Chinese wedding, gift box graphics generally use red as the main tonal, the color match the wedding design and new clothing design, show the wedding lively, festive atmosphere; Second, western-style wedding, white color box graphics color match at the stadium, the use of pure and fresh quietly elegant pale pink, pale blue and mint color, show the noble wedding. Graphics color design is commonly with wedding style, wedding location arrangement, etc. Innovative design is the current packaging designers on topics of mutual interest, a traditional gift design intention has the same corny, so designers should focus on innovation, combined with traditional elements and modern elements, create new wedding gift graphics language. Reference to traditional culture, for example, gift packaging design graphic design into cartoon goody bag image, both to show the meaning of blessing, and can add fun for the gift. Draw lessons from western fairy tale, for example, on the gift design garden, pumpkin carriage, slipper, such as graphics, can satisfy the female consumers princess dream, add a dreamy atmosphere for the wedding. Humanized design is to point to according to the customer to design, the main points of the design is to meet the customer's identity, characteristics and actual requirements, the humanized design requires the designer to close communication with customers, meet customer requirements of graphic language. And such as couple both sides has a popular new ideas, in the design of gift packaging, can be used in a lively and dynamic, the elements of fashion. To sum up, the modern gift packaging design has a certain particularity, itself has a certain cultural connotation and good moral, so in the packaging design graphic language application, design elements, should first focus on the wedding gift itself by implication to convey, color application and innovation design and humanized design, using the graphical text, pictures and drawing graphics add value for wedding gifts, such as graphic language added joy for the wedding.
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