Wooden wine box packaging as an indicator of times

by:Vitalucks      2020-03-09
Wooden wine box packaging is the bellwether of The Times, it has the bright time. For a period of time the design of the inner packing, structure, material, aesthetic pursuit, and production workers wooden wine box represents the trend of The Times, also represents the people's aesthetic habits, consumption level and production level of science and technology. So on a wooden wine box packaging design, it should be from the same kind found in wooden wine box packaging history of its development trend or direction. Market research to clear wooden wine box packing every time, the characteristics of the clear trend of historical development, on the basis of in view of the real time demand, grasp the characteristics of present wooden wine box packaging and aesthetic trend, so as to accurately reflect the distinct era characteristic investigation conclusion. 2. The objectivity principle as a wooden wine boxes, market research, according to the international usual practice is to entrust specialized market research agency to conduct special investigation. This approach can generally ensure objectivity of investigation. But as wooden wine box packaging design, because contain more humanistic factors and human factors play a considerable role in packaging design, as a result, the design of the packing market survey by packaging designers should be generally, such market research more help design close to the market in the future. But more often than not, designers tend to have a special liking to a certain design or some kind of design style, and this preference can become preconceptions, consciously or unconsciously influence the objectivity of the investigation. Market research if you can't follow the objectivity of the investigation, has lost its original meaning of the investigation. As the market survey, be sure to eliminate personal preferences, according to the concept of market economy, sticking to & other; People care about is our concern & throughout; The objectivity principle to build & other; Survey throughout wooden wine box &; , be practical and realistic to study consumer habits and consumer market, this is our basis for the design of the packing. 3. Systemic principle of market research is a systematic project, even if such as wooden wine box packaging design so there is a clear direction of investigation, should according to the principle of systemic to organize investigation. Because of packaging design is a systematic project, it includes wooden wine box packaging of consumer groups, consumer spending habits and aesthetic habit; The similar wooden wine box packaging, the historical changes of the market acceptance; Select and apply effect, the popular trend of packaging materials; The purpose of the survey itself, methods, scope, object, analysis of statistical methods, and other aspects. As market research, therefore, must be based on the principles of systematic, comprehensive consideration scheme of systemic and integrity, and do the research work of the overall planning, and step-by-step implementation.
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