Wooden wine box packaging color necessity choice

by:Vitalucks      2020-03-13
In numerous wooden wine box packaging design, none is not to be the most efficient, eye-catching and pleasing to the eye to attract consumer attention. Rich color to convey different kinds of interest, showing the quality of the different style and decorative charm. Pursuit of the pure design language is stylist pursuit, they in a more rational perspective, trying to get rid of the bustle of popular design, multifarious, colour is gorgeous. Actively looking for color design rational and pure. For example a sen ding technology design of wooden wine box packaging make full use of the properties of achromatic color, through the golden words in white body design is arranged on the container, in under the action of light and shadow, embody the design zhuo and extraordinary. Design language of highly concentrated and summarized, the design to the extreme, like many wooden wine boxes in a shining pearl, into a renown extraordinary splendour. Selection and combination of color in packaging design is very important, often is the key to decide the packaging design. In essence is to avoid coloring too much burden on the packaging. Colorful bright busy may not that love, but can give a person a kind of flashy impression, make the person produces the feeling of dazzled. Proper use of contracted colour language, more can reflect the designer's ability to control the color, the maximum play to the potential of color. Under the influence of minimalism, get rid of the bondage of traditional color of the inherent attributes, combined with modern packaging design theory and properties requirements of wine box, wooden used without color of gold, silver, black, white and grey to carry on the design of packaging, criterion more show wooden wine box of eternal beauty. Without the special properties of the color system, for a variety of wooden wine box packaging design provides the glamour of the filling stage. Throughout South Africa vodka &; Wine packaging design, container modelling Ben Body, what not to count, bold designers choose the color language of colorful color is mainly to carry on the design, background to black, bottle surface graphics using large area to decorate, patterns in the silver foil below, reveal a strong metal texture, graphic central white shield label placement in the set off of other without color, more concentrated, to strengthen the information characteristics of the wooden wine boxes, whole wooden wine box appears solemn and elegant, and superior quality.
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