Wooden wine box packaging cover design localization

by:Vitalucks      2020-03-22
China's wooden wine box packaging design language, vivid manifests its traditional culture, they are flexible use of traditional and arouse people's emotions. Chinese snacks and alcohol wooden wine box packaging using the traditional symbolic language in our country, design is simple and precise, manifests the neatly in the production process in our country, meticulous national plot. A good wooden wine box packaging can not only express the unique nature of the product without the milk of human kindness, this design is just a label symbols, have national's individuality in wooden wine box packaging is always in the market to provide consumers with great affection. In recent years, wooden wine box packaging design presents a return to traditional style. For example, & other; The little yellow crane tower & throughout; Wine wooden box packaging was able to stand out in numerous national liquor wooden wine box packaging, in addition to product quality optimal point, the design into the traditional national emotion is an important factor. It combined use of ceramic bottle, linen, hemp rope, coupled with natural and unrestrained calligraphy title and a yellow crane tower don't find the sacks of freehand brushwork in traditional Chinese ink painting, give the emotional life to wooden wine box packaging, make the product image very approachable. Visible, wine wooden wine box packaging design such as blindly imitate foreign wine, there will be no vitality, only convey true feelings, to win consumers. At the same time, the traditional ethnic emotions wooden wine box packaging, because each nation the values of different nationalities and different plot and presents different characteristics. Such as Spain design is elegant and romantic emotional appeal, French wooden wine box packaging design has a rigorous, rational style, our design is simple, the characteristics of the novel, light and full of the milk of human kindness.
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