Wooden wine box packaging design innovation value

by:Vitalucks      2020-03-17
Wooden wine box series in the packaging design innovation, only the new ideas, new style, new technique of expression to attract the attention of the public, to have outstanding psychological persuasion, with the sustainable development of China's economy, the living standard of people is changing, people's aesthetic idea is changing, people's life demand is also changing, wooden wine box packaging for consumers in cast and new understanding of wine brand, relationship with wooden wine box packaging design of advancing with The Times, innovation is the soul here. Especially Chinese enterprise wine brand began to more and more to the world market. Wooden wine box packaging decoration of visual communication scope and impact, combined with the good quality of products, build brand products, to bring unlimited economic value. Product packaging modelling is to attract consumers to buy, and improve the product sales is one of the most important factors, the design only innovation can keep the vigorous vitality and market share. Lady jewelry packaging has been given the market take the form of a single package, for example, ms ding in the design of a set of jewelry packaging solution, bold innovation, breaking the previous model, try to use series packing form instead of a single form. For example in design with five heart-shaped boxes together, like a blooming flower, highlight the characteristics of beauty, the texture of each box are connected, a new jewelry packaging let consumer eyes on this series. Wooden wine box packaging design of product pictures, text and background configuration, must be to attract customers attention as the center, direct selling brand. Packaging design to the customer's stimulation than brand name more concrete, more intense, more convincing, and often accompanied by the effect of purchasing behavior. Good packaging will certainly excellent graphic design, such as the use of black, white, red match girl avatars do graphics, and features of each face is empty, bring consumer fashion, individuality, bizarre, mysterious feeling. On the expression of packaging design, neither too directly, and can't be too obscure, make the information clear, understand, accurate convey, through some simple picture, clear expression of the theme, make people hurried glance can quickly grasp the meaning.
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