Wooden wine box packaging humanized design of environmental protection

by:Vitalucks      2020-03-19
Wooden wine box packaging and humanized design, environmental protection in today's society is advocating the concept of green ecological packaging design has spread. The rapid development of high-tech has brought wine industry packaging technology innovation may be related to opportunity. In terms of wine packaging material, you can see, along with the development of environmental protection topic in a luxurious and noble quality of high-grade red wine still use the traditional glass bottle at the same time, a lot of red wine merchants have begun to gradually reduce glass bottle packaging, more and more in the face of the mass market high quality red wine is gradually replaced by a new environmental protection material. For packaging design from numerous in brief, is the current design should consider the problem, in people in the supermarket, liquor stores, you can see a lot of wine packaging transition, into a hard mode. The idea of a simple, natural, simple, plain way of life by grade people, our wine packaging to positive from the learning & other Simple but not simple & throughout; The design concept. Elegant wine box packaging is like a beautiful works of art, it is not only as a wine functional needs, but more is to convey peculiar cultural connotation, and brought them a wonderful enjoy drinking to the bottle structure, Chinese wine wine box packaging, mostly of the cuboid, we was impressed with the wine personality, this is the commercial and artistic perfect fusion model, is worth ding technology study and draw lessons from. With the development of the society, people more and more high to the requirement of non-material aspects. Red wine packaging that embodies the spiritual things, and can't satisfy people's demand, therefore, designers should use design more, let the wine packaging design diversified, stimulate the purchasing power of the masses, to enhance competitiveness.
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