Wooden wine box packaging not eliminated

by:Vitalucks      2020-03-18
Other wood is one of the most common of nature's raw materials, use is extremely widespread, since the only eyes, which can be used for and is covered with trees and wood, is closely related to human life, before the wood used to fight more, bridge building, with human gradually entered the civilized society, wood conversion to the household, also identified the various grades and the application scope, in the field of wood with content with rare for expensive truth, but I don't think this is eternal, annatto and hardwood, because of its slow growth and wide application range, under the condition of mining in the long, formed the market supply shortages, particularly of the lives of modern people, with annatto, we in the production of high-end wooden box packaging when also can use mahogany, the hardness of the material determines its wide application range, this paper want to explain the market situation, even if nowadays market than before but the wooden box packing box is a not be eliminated by times. Box from the Ming dynasty, which is called the casket, for valuables, although many packaging now replaced by industrial products, but the wooden box with the progress of technology also become diversified, common wood can also be very beautiful dealt with high-end technology, only a little part of the crowd support the essence of pure wood texture and style of the ancients, I think in any era, wooden box, can reflect its value, from the most to receive, to today's show, and then to the future of the collection and transmission of of primitive simplicity, and may even be regarded as the ancient knows to look at all possible, that a small part of the crowd, like this kind of natural of primitive simplicity style, in supporting the industry in this recession, here I want to say that the cause of the wooden box packaging will not be eliminated, is the history of the bearing is too long, and the wood is a renewable resource, only on the premise of protect the ecology, take use of the can, China is a traditional wooden utensils powers, outside with & other; Wood is a Chinese play things & throughout; The rumors, in fact, in Japan and the United States, many houses will adopt wooden structure, if you can't give a person the sense of preserve one's health, comfortable why will use this in a few decades spoil material. If more than 18 years to wind down the rain created a ding the pride of the packing quality, so is increased in recent years, ding packaging crisis consciousness, in the field of high-grade wooden box the nuggets may have in the past, if the need is low carbon environmental protection, affordable, sustainable development, in the era of mechanization replace artificial, if wooden box packaging plant transformation, must not be, mechanical can replace many complex process is like the human brain, need to deal with the random, rather than a layer of constant flow process, itself the form of lumber are each are not identical, carpenter master also need decades of craftsmanship honed, coupled with the designer's ideas, each procedure, each box can be called to express your uniqueness, it is also a wooden box packaging can bring products to the cause of the exalted feeling!
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