Wooden wooden cigar box 'small white' need to know the cigar box maintenance tips

by:Vitalucks      2020-03-10
First, buy cigar must use a it & other; Place & throughout; - - - - - - Cedar wood cigar box can solve for you, but not to buy a cigar box back directly have to do is put inside, because need hua cigar, requires constant temperature and humidity environment for it, become dry, or mold can prevent cigars. So how to make it after purchase of cigar in cigar box alcoholize, need how long? Cigar alcoholize has two stages: cigar tobacco alcoholize, this is a cigar can finish the steps before being made. Tobacco leaf mellowing of at least 2 years, tobacco alcoholize shorter the time, the smell of the cigar, a good cigar will generally choose alcoholizing time longer tobacco leaf; Cigar alcoholize, this is one of the important steps, cigar after completed this is key point, is to control the temperature in the 16 - in the first place 18 degrees, the temperature is 65 - This 70%, this would require the cigar box to complete the cedar wood, because only this kind of wood can meet the requirements of temperature and humidity, and the smell of cedar wood special is tobacco insects don't like, so in cedar wood cigar box cigars won't worry about tobacco of worms. Cigar in the constant temperature and humidity environment, taste and aroma will be balanced gradually, in addition to the environment, also need to check regularly cigar storage state, flip and adjust position is also very important. Cigars aging and a very important, it is that time, some people think alcoholizing time should be in more than five years, and some people think that is ten years, actually mellowing time because, after all, a cigar to taste is good, is always of the cigar smoking alone. Suppose you bought a box of cigars, you can consider it to enjoy a period of time to meet again, of course, if you cannot wait, you can also enjoy. Otherwise there is a tip, when check the cigar, don't smell delicious water or with any item, because the taste is easy to absorbed by cigar, thus affecting the taste of cigars.
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