You are under a wooden jewelry box designer

by:Vitalucks      2020-03-15
The collocation of high-end jewelry box and jewelry are optional. Gold jewelry, usually need to cooperate with red and gold or other warm color attune of jewelry box. Platinum jewelry, need to cooperate with cool color attune of jewelry box, such as blue, white or pink jewelry box. These are small details of life, many people have not noticed. The love of beauty is human nature that everyone has a heart of love. Jewelry box is also a symbol of the character of the woman, with a suitable style jewelry box is the dream of many women. With the popularity of DIY products, consumers can also become a jewelry designer. “ Jewelry is thousand pick a place to buy back, so would like to make a belongs to own jewelry box for them. ” Work together colleagues said: & other; Actually every details of your life can be the source of creativity, my jewelry box is the use of abandoned chocolate box, and they make some old clothes for the fabric, style and colors are my favorite, and can be set according to their own jewelry box layout. ” From which we can see that everyone is a designer. On the Internet, many online stores also launch a service of custom-made jewelry box, can let the consumer to participate in the process of making jewelry box consumers can be all kinds of new, clever design, texture, color, and even words engraved on jewelry box, let jewelry box jewelry with yourself or boudoir layout styles set each other off becomes an interest.
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