YOUR HOME; Putting An Office In the Home

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Telecommuting and home-
Traditional home office is becoming more and more common based on business-
Card table in corner of family room or kitchen table cleaned after dinner--
Has become a thing of the past.
These days, homebased-
A business consultant says building an efficient home office usually requires opening up a dedicated space-
The whole room or part of it. -
And adjust it according to business needs.
\"You want to make sure that you have as much privacy as you can on sight and hearing,\" said Albert zaconi, an architect at his home in Ridgefield Park, NY. J.
Installation of solids-
Core doors, for example, can greatly reduce home noise and annoyance.
If a family has a large number of noise makers, such as young children, it may be worth installing sound insulation on walls and ceilings that separate the office from the rest of the house.
The insulation material \"can be installed relatively easily by removing the sheath from one side of the wall,\" Mr. Zaccone said.
Advertising often also helps separate utility services, he said.
\"We often recommend installing specialized electrical services and sub-panels for the office,\" he said . \".
In addition to tracking office utility costs, a separate service can also prevent families, he said
If someone in the House turns on another appliance and accidentally trips the circuit breaker, the office computer system will suddenly shut down.
Advertising also helps to separate heating from air
Adjust if possible.
Portable heaters and window Air, Zaccone explained
In the long run, the air conditioner can save money because it doesn\'t need to heat or cool a house that was originally empty just to make it comfortable in the Home Office.
Jill Gordon, chairman of the Jill Gordon Association, telecommuting consultant at N. Monmouth JunctionJ.
Those who don\'t have extra rooms should focus on buying the right house, he said
Office furniture.
\"In the past few years, a large number of families have
\"There are office furniture suites on the market . \"Gordon said.
\"They look like they belong to a family, but the quality of their design is equivalent to good office furniture. \'\'Such home-
Most offices have office suites
The price of the supply store ranges from $500 to $2,000, and usually the limited space can be used more efficiently.
\"They have a small footprint and a large vertical storage space . \"
Gordon said he added that consumers should be cautious about delicate, expensive furniture that sacrificed the quality of ergonomics for a gorgeous look.
\"People fall into the trap of being tempted by beautiful oak trees --
\"Fine-grained completion ignores the fact that the unit design may be poor,\" he said . \".
Before spending hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars in a delicate office
Sir, the consumer should take the time to sit at the desk to determine if the drawer, keyboard platform and storage space are convenient to placeGordon said.
Another surprisingly efficient office furniture strategy, he says, is the use of dyed or painted solids
A core door placed horizontally on a brick or coal slag block, with movable plastic file boxes placed on wheels or casters.
The door provides a large amount of desktop space, the height is easy to adjust, and the file box can scroll below when no file box is needed.
He said that if the budget is limited, all other office furniture considerations should be retired from the second line. it can be said that the second line should be retired.
\'I urge clients to put every dollar into buying a good chair,\' he said. Gordon said.
\"The thing you want has five legs, wheels or casters and is as adaptable as possible.
He said: \"But comfort is only so far ---
It is usually wise to resist the temptation of being too comfortable.
\"People think, \'This is my chance to put my desk next to the window and see the backyard, \'he said. \'\".
But when your eyes have to constantly adjust from the computer screen and bright external light, you end up with a headache.
\'\'And reverse the settings--
The table is facing the window ---
If the glare on the window falls on the display screen, it may be equally difficult.
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\"You \'d better put the table at the angle of the window,\" he said . \" The furniture should be arranged on sunny days so that any problems will appear immediately, he added.
Sarah Edwards in Santa Monica, California
The writer and her husband, Paul, have written several books about working from home, and she says those who consider working from home
The base business shall determine the maximum number of telephone lines available.
\"People think they can have as many lines as they want,\" said Ms. Edwards said.
But in some buildings-
Apartment buildings in New York City are especially old-
The number of lines available is limited. \'\'Ms.
Edwards said that while she and her husband had five phone numbers in the California house, they had to borrow line 5 from the house next doordoor neighbor --
This strategy can also be used by people living in apartment buildings.
Also, she says anyone who relies on a home computer or fax machine should invest in the best backup power they can afford.
\"You can buy a big unit for the whole circuit or a small unit for the computer,\" she said . \" A small unit, also known as \"uninterrupted power\", \"\" or UPS, can be purchased for less than $100, she added.
For those who are trying to organize the Home Office, advertising is just a cyclical struggle between order and chaos, always with professional help.
\"I can talk about this topic for a few hours,\" said Harriet shecht, an organization consultant in San Diego . \". Ms.
For anyone working from home, Schechter says, the most important thing is to remember that the only way to keep the organization is to build a system that handles a lot of paper.
There seems to be a so-called paperless office.
\"I like to set up stacks --
Tray system so you can see where things are and still have a way to organize them
For those who don\'t want to see where things are, the filing cabinet is usually necessary, Schechter says.
\"But don\'t think you need a big four --
\"Drawer stand cabinets,\" she said . \".
\"There are some nice horizontal filing cabinets that can work better in the Home Office. \'\'Finally, Ms.
Even if the office is a restaurant and the table is a restaurant, the organization of the Home Office can be maintained, Schechter said.
\"Just make sure you put as much on the flat tray as you can and you can move when you have to move,\" she said . \".
\"So that you can take everything off the table and eat, and when you put everything back, you are still able to find what you want.
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