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by:Vitalucks      2020-04-11
Everybody is good, have why to meet you. Today zhejiang carton manufacturer & ndash; — Hangzhou heng tai paper products co. , LTD. , for everybody simple introduction of the carton. Believe that the things you should not know it. But even so, there is also have a lot of knowledge we know very little. So it is necessary to consolidate at once! Let's start from the classification of ~! Compared with carton, carton style is more complicated. Although can be classified according to the material and use of the purpose and use, but the commonly used method is carried out in accordance with the carton processing way to distinguish. Generally divided into the folding carton and paste paper box. Folding carton is applied to a wide range, structural change more than a sales package, generally is divided into tube folding box, folding carton, folding carton, not pipe disc folding carton, etc. Paste like folding carton, carton press forming method can be divided into pipe, plate and tube and disc three categories. Every kinds of box type can according to the different segments of a local structure again many small classes, and can increase some functional structure, such as composition, open the window, increase the handle and so on. Keywords: zhejiang carton manufacturers
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